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You need to know about new electrical laws

New electrical laws — Laws taking effect July 1 change how trainees can perform (01) work and qualify for journey level (01) certification. The changes also affect contractors.

Note: The laws don’t affect specialty electrical contractors or trainees they employ.

Electrical trainees: If you’re planning to perform (01) work after July 1, then there are new requirements you should know:

  • Trainees who have worked 3,000 hours in the electrical construction trade or completed an approved two-year training school program before July 1 may continue working to accrue experience to qualify for the (01) electrician exam without joining an apprenticeship program.
  • Trainees with fewer than 3,000 hours worked before July 1 must be registered apprentices if performing work limited to (01) electricians.

Contractors: If you hire trainees performing (01) work after July 1, you must:

  • Become a registered Training Agent by partnering with an existing registered electrical apprenticeship program;
  • Establish a state-registered apprenticeship program of their own; or
  • Hire trainees with a specific level of experience.

Specific level of experience

Trainees with 3,000 hours of electrical experience before July 1, or who have completed a two-year electrical construction training program, may continue to gain journey level experience. They can do this without registering an apprentice, or being a part of a registered apprenticeship program, until July 1, 2026.

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