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WSDOT’s multi-modal plan includes scores of construction projects

WSDOT’s multi-modal plan includes scores of construction projects

More than 1,100 statewide transportation projects using $3.7 billion in federal funds are included in the draft 2021-2024 Statewide Transportation Improvement Program, called STIP for short. This compilation of prioritized transportation improvement projects is now ready for public review and comment.

WSDOT develops the STIP from local agency, metropolitan and regional transportation improvement programs. The draft 2021-2024 STIP is a four-year program of multi-modal transportation projects identified through state, metropolitan, regional, tribal and local-agency planning processes.  Although much of the funding is used on non-construction items such as buses, there are many capital projects to be funded via the STIP.  Some examples:

  • $3.5 million Pasco-Kahlotus Road Reconstruction/Overlay II.
  • $13.6 million rehabilitation of Crystal Mountain Boulevard East (SR 410 to Crystal Mountain Ski Area).
  • $13.6 million for bus/rapid transit stations for Pierce County’s Pacific Avenue/SR 7 line.
  • $43.2 million for Port of Everett’s South Terminal Modernization Project Phase II.

Click here to see the full draft report which includes a list of proposed projects.  A searchable database of the 2021-24 STIP will be created in January 2021, following FHWA and FTA approval.

The STIP is a four-year, fiscally constrained, prioritized multimodal transportation program of state, local, tribal, and public transportation (transit) projects. The STIP includes highways, streets, roads, railroads, transit-hubs, park-and-ride lots, bridges, sidewalks, bike lanes, ferry terminals, trails, and safety projects.

The collaborative effort between WSDOT, local agencies, metropolitan and regional planning organizations ensures projects are consistent with local, regional, and state long-range plans. Some county projects are not included in the draft STIP because state law requires counties to complete their transportation improvement programs by the end of the year; those projects are amended into the final STIP in January.

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