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Workers’ Comp Action Alert

Please urge your State Senator to support workers’ comp reform! Senate Bill 5822.

Please urge your State Senator to support workers’-comp reform! Senate Bill 5822, would enact a series of workers’-compensation reforms designed to reduce workers’-compensation time-loss costs and help reduce workers’-compensation premiums.

This is the ONLY bill before the Legislature that could help reduce employment costs for employers!

The bill

  • clarifies the definition of occupational disease to help ensure these diagnoses are clearly related to the employee’s job.

  • removes the current age restriction for workers’ to settle their workers’-compensation claims with employers rather than going on time loss. (Currently, a worker has to be 50 years old to even be considered for a settlement. This means that younger workers are stuck on time loss and dealing with L&I rather than being able to get out of the system quickly and back to work. This also leaves employers paying much higher time-loss costs for a pension system that pays attorneys first — before it pays workers.)

  • provides additional cost-reducing administrative fixes that are needed in the system.

Click here to send your state Senator an email urging in them to support SB 5822!

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