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WA Cares fund: Collecting premiums, reporting wages

WA Cares fund: Collecting premiums, reporting wages(This information has been provided by Employment Security Department (ESD). No payroll? No report. You do not have to file a report for quarters where your employees had no hours worked or wages. 

Updated reporting resources coming soon We’re updating the wage reporting resources on so you have everything you need to file for Q1 in 2022. Need more info on reporting? Check out this helpful info from Paid Family and Medical Leave. WA Cares reporting will be fully integrated for your convenience.

Tracking employee exemptions  Some employees may choose to apply for an exemption from WA Cares coverage. It’s their responsibility to apply, and—if approved—to notify and give you a copy of their approval letter from Employment Security Department (ESD). Once approved, exemptions are permanent and employees can never opt back in.

Once notified, employers must:

  • Not deduct WA Cares premiums from workers who’ve provided an ESD exemption approval letter. Note: this letter will list the effective date of the employee’s exemption.
  • Keep a copy of their workers’ approval letters on file.

Did you miss it?

  • Visit to learn about the benefit and what to expect. Your workers may look to you when they have questions about WA Cares, and we invite you to share our website as a resource. Our contact info is available if they need assistance.
  • Check out our Employer page for helpful program information relating to your business. You can also find more resources in our Employer Toolkit, including a multi-language flyer that can help workers understand the benefit.
  • Stop by our Learn more page to read frequently asked questions, including specific questions for employers.

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