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Updates to filing certified payroll coming soon

Updates to filing certified payroll coming soon

(From the Department of Labor and Industries:) L&I is making some updates to increase validation plus speed up the filing process when filing/uploading certified payroll reports. The following updates will go live the evening of May 28.  

  • SSN validation We’ve included additional constraints and validation on the SSN to meet the law as outlined in RCW 39.12.120, which requires the full 9-digit social security number of the employee. SSNs in the following format will not be accepted as per the Social Security Administration: Start with “9”, “666”, “000” or have “00” in positions 4-5 or have “0000” in positions 6-9.
  • New Trade Notes field This new field will allow users to provide additional information about the work being performed to include the corresponding federal Davis-Bacon trade and classification.
  • Updated XML Schema that includes more detailed descriptions and validations to help ensure your XML file is set up correctly and matches our system requirements. It also includes the new tradeNotes element, located after the jobClass element.

Prepare now and download the new schema. (Open link using the Microsoft Edge browser.)

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
Jim P. Christensen
Industrial Statistician and Program Manager
Prevailing Wage
Department of Labor and Industries

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