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Update on Washington’s new long-term care program

An important status update on Washington’s new long-term care program known as WA Cares Fund.

Last week, and as reported in AGC WORKS, Gov. Inslee and state legislative leaders released a statement saying that they would delay implementation of the premium assessment for the WA Cares Fund while they seek to make changes to it during the upcoming legislative session.

However, based on a review of the existing state agency rule, it’s not clear that the statements made last week are adequate to fully pause the program and absolve employers from liability for failure to collect the new payroll tax that was set to take effect in January.

AGC staff is in discussion with Employment Security Department seeking clarification about potential changes needed to the state rule to align with their intent to pause the program. This is an evolving issue, and more information is expected soon.

To continue monitoring this issue, visit the WA Cares Fund website. We recommend you consult your advisors on whether you should or should not collect premiums beginning Jan. 1.

We will continue to monitor the issue and provide information as it becomes available.

If you have additional questions, please contact AGC’s Michele Willms or Jerry VanderWood.

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