Training and Advisor Resources

AGC provides insightful sessions for anyone in a leadership capacity, from field leaders to upper management.

CARE Leadership and Culture Training

CARE Leadership and Culture Training focuses on each individual’s attitude, communication styles and leadership skills, and how they make an impact on the culture of your organization. This insightful session is for anyone in a leadership capacity, from field leaders to upper management. We will arm attendees with tools to help them be successful in creating and maintaining a Culture of CARE.

Sessions will be offered twice each year, so please check the AGCW Events page for upcoming Culture of CARE training opportunities. 

Bystander-Intervention Training for the Trades

AGC of Washington, in collaboration with AGC of America and Green Dot, is currently developing Bystander-Intervention Training for the Trades, an on-the-job employee-skills training program aimed at enhancing your company’s diversity and inclusion efforts. If you are interested in learning more about contractor-implementation requirements and being included in the initial pilot, please contact Sonja Forster.

Overview: Bystander Intervention Training for the Trades mobilizes workers at all levels of a jobsite (from apprentices to senior management) to prevent bullying, harassment and hazing, and contribute to a safe, respectful work environment. Bystander Training for the Trades engages workers and leadership in five ways.

  1. Connects workers to their roles as bystanders who can contribute to safer, more respectful jobsites.
  2. Teaches workers to recognize behaviors that may be bullying, harassment or hazing.
  3. Trains workers to identify barriers that make it hard to intervene. Barriers can be personal (such as not wanting to make a scene), relationship (such as not wanting to upset peers) or work-related (such as not wanting to lose a job opportunity because of being a squeaky wheel).
  4. Helps workers practice solutions in order to safely and comfortably intervene in harassment, hazing or bullying.
  5. Teaches workers to model positive jobsite behaviors that will make clear that harassment is never acceptable and everyone needs to be a part of creating a safe jobsite.