Training and Advisor Resources

AGC provides insightful sessions for anyone in a leadership capacity, from field leaders to upper management.

For companies ready to add Culture of CARE training to their workplace, AGC recommends both jobsite, and leadership culture training. Take a look at these two training opportunities offered through ANEW and AGC of Washington.  

Explore the Power Behind Uncomfortable Conversations workshop-series package

A Culture of CARE partnership series (Nov. 16, February 15, April 5)

Join us for this three-part interactive virtual workshop series — a $600 value.
– Increase revenue, safety, trust and effective leadership
– Reduce risk, loss, error and costs

(BONUS Purchase the entire three-session series and receive a sixty-minute coaching session, plus a thirty-minute post-call accountability session.)

Session 1: Creating an Honest Culture (click here for info and registration)
Nov. 16, 2021 – 12:30 to 2:30
• Psychological-safety deep dive
• Three biggest costs of of a disconnected culture and how to course-correct today
• Making it powerful and productive to ask for help

Session 2: Effective Feedback and Accountability (click here for info and registration)
February 15, 2022 – 12:30 to 2:30)
• Bringing people up and in
• Accountability Dos & Don’ts
• Feedback loops and leader participation
• Speak to acknowledge and inspire 

Session 3:  Connection & Communication (click here for info and registration)
April 5, 2022 – 12:30-2:30
• Creating connection in a disconnected workspace
• Workforce engagement focus areas
• Best communication practices for leaders and teammates
• Removing the disconnection caused by COVID

RISE Up: Diversity & Inclusion Manager and Worker Training

RISE Up (Respect, Inclusion, Safety and Equity in the Construction Trades) is a respectful-workplace training resource designed to create more inclusive to a diverse workplace. AGC of Washington is proud to endorse the RISE Up program which combines inclusive, customizable training, along with a social campaign to achieve measurable results.

AGC is offering four online RISE Up training opportunities for AGC members in 2020. Register your team for Manager Training or Worker Orientation depending on your needs. The training sessions are two hours, and attendees will receive a certificate upon completion. To maintain a quality learning environment, space is limited to 30 registrants.

For questions or for assistance registering employees, email Sonja Forster.


RISE Up Manager Training

Please check back soon for listings of upcoming training events.

RISE Up Worker Orientation
Please check back soon for listings of upcoming training events.

Manager Training Description   Managers have a huge influence on their teams and on the cultures of their teams. They are dealing with day-to-day issues, like the conflicts that arise from diverse teams, and they need to set the tone and resolve problems. They are key to setting the standard for the culture on the work site.

RISE Up Manager training will provide the education and tools a supervisor needs to have in order to minimize distractions and maximize productivity on the work site. The training will assist them in identifying and addressing harassment, hazing, bullying and retaliation as well as race and gender discrimination. The training will demonstrate how implicit bias and subtle acts of exclusion can decrease productivity and will provide tools on giving effective feedback.

Worker-Orientation Training Description   Worker-orientation training will address the expectations for all workers on the work site.  The training will assist workers in identifying inappropriate behavior as well as giving them tools to succeed on the job. Subjects will include bystander intervention, self-advocacy and mentorship. The training will engage students to come up with solutions and participate in the culture of the work site.

CARE Leadership
and Culture Training

CARE Leadership and Culture Training focuses on each individual’s attitude, communication styles and leadership skills, and how they make an impact on the culture of your organization. Lead by Mandi Kime, AGC’s Director of Safety, this insightful session is for anyone in a leadership capacity, from field leaders to upper management. We will arm attendees with tools to help them be successful in creating and maintaining a Culture of CARE.

Please check back soon for listings of upcoming training events.