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Tell your legislators to OPPOSE these bad bills

Tell your legislators to OPPOSE these bad bills – Your AGCW Government Affairs team in Olympia needs your help in letting legislators know that we are opposed to a couple of bad bills. We have made the process easy for you to contact your legislator with a pre-written letter you can send as is, or personalize on how the bill would impact your company. Use the links below to access our Action Alerts.

Please note, these are new Action Alerts as of last week, so if you responded prior to that, please do so again.

  • Natural-Gas Ban: Click here to tell your Senator to oppose the legislation that would ban natural gas as of June 30, 2023 and allow PSE to raise energy rates. (ESHB 1589)
  • Real-Estate Excise Tax: Click here to contact your representatives to let them know you are opposed to legislation that will increase the cost of real estate, including affordable housing, in the middle of our State’s housing crisis. This bill has not yet moved out of committee, but we have heard that it could be included in the final budget, so we need to keep the pressure on. (SHB 1628)

Thank you for your help! Contact Jerry VanderWood if you have any questions.

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