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AGC opposes specialty-sub requirement on public projects

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AGC is opposing legislation that could add a dozen or more specialty subs to the list of those that must be included as part of the bid for public-works construction projects costing more than $1 million.

AGC thanks Scott Isenhart (Tiger Construction) and Jeremy Carroll (Dawson Construction) who travelled to Olympia with AGC Northern District Manager Liz Evans to meet with Rep. Vince Buys (R- 42), who introduced HB 1754, and explained AGC’s concerns. Isenhart joined AGC lobbyist Duke Schaub in testifying against the bill before the House Capital Budget Committee.

Photo: Jeremy Carroll of Dawson Construction (left) and Scott Isenhart of Tiger Construction meet with Rep. Luanne VanWerven (R-42) while in Olympia to discuss HB 1754.

Rep. Buys introduced the bill as a response to problems arising out of the remodel of the Whatcom County Courthouse, located in his legislative district. Significant water damage occurred when construction drawings did not match the work actually done, and the entire façade had to be replaced. The bill adds a requirement that the building envelope subcontractor be identified as part of the bid for public works construction projects expected to cost over $1 million.

However, as Isenhart testified, the bid-listing requirement would not solve what was a problem in the workmanship. In addition, the legislation would require not just the listing of the masonry subcontractor but many other subs and suppliers that are involved with the building envelope, including roofing, windows/doors, moisture barriers and more.

AGC is currently working on alternative approaches to address Rep. Buys’ concerns. For more information, contact AGC Chief Lobbyist Jerry VanderWood, 360.352.5000.

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