Silica-Compliance Resources

Here's what Washington contractors should know about silica compliance

Currently, OSHA’s silica rule is final and enforceable. Washington’s rule is also fully promulgated; employers should focus their efforts on employee training, exposure evaluations and engineering controls. Many activities are covered by Table 1 (see below) and that is a great place to start the evaluation process.Do not assume, however, that all your work is in Table 1.

Here are some key factors you need to be aware of:

  • Our rule is now in effect.
  • You should be looking at your policy and training on silica to be sure that you are ready. Here are some helpful resources:
    • If you do not have a written plan, this online tool will help you build your plan and also has some training materials — or use this AGC template to customize for your use.
    • If you want to better understand the main method of compliance with the rules, following Table 1, you can view the Laborer’s Health & Safety Fund page that has a great visual representation of the table requirements.
    • For site exposure, this site-specific plan will cover Washington jurisdiction requirements — much like a fall-protection workplan for site-specific hazards.

Another great resource for worker education on silica exposure was created by University of Washington and industry partners, such as AGC and its members. Click here to access that information from 2014.

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Contact Mandi Kime with questions on silica or other rules.