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Air-Quality Alert - August 21, 2018

With the smokey skies that we have experienced over the last few days, AGC's Safety Services Department is fielding a lot of calls related to the health impacts of smoke exposure. (The photo above of the Seattle skyline was taken on August 20, 2018.)

While this smoke is not pleasant and covering the beautiful summer views in our state, it is not immediately threatening to life or health unless you are sensitive to such types of smoke. At present, air-quality levels in the greater Seattle area are at 168 on the air-quality index. At this level, it is roughly equivalent to smoking 6-7 cigarettes in a day -- not immediately life threatening for most, but people with asthma, heart conditions or allergies can have adverse health effects. Also of note is that the impacts of this exposure are acute, meaning that most employees in good health will naturally recover within a short period after this smoke clears.

Some areas of Washington are much worse on the air-quality index than Seattle. In these conditions (over 250), visibility is greatly impacted, and workers can suffer from eye and mucous membrane irritations. Strenuous or prolonged outdoor work is not advised even with voluntary use of respirators or dust masks.

Looking at all the air-quality forecasts from the various sources, it is expected that air quality should start improving Wednesday. In the meantime, keep an eye on your vulnerable workers.

Washington Department of Labor and Industries has a small guide on this subject here.

Another good resource for the latest conditions and government communications related to the air quality can be found here.



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100 Days of Summer
From hydration and heat stress to vehicle safety and much more, summer poses its own set of construction-industry risks and hazards. So our annual 100 Days of Summer program is once again underway to help increase awareness and help you be proactive.

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Federal Postings - Required and Recommended

   - Employee Rights Under the Fair Labor Standards Act
   - Employee Rights and Responsibilities Under the Family and Medical Leave Act
   - Your Rights Under USERRA
   - Employee Rights on Government Contracts
   - Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law
   - Employee Polygraph Protection Act
   - Job Safety and Health – It’s the Law

Washington State Postings - Required and Recommended
  -  Job Safety and Health Law
  -  Your Rights as a Worker in Washington State
  -  You May be Eligible for Unemployment Benefits
  -  Notice to Employees: If a Job Injury Occurs

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