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Safety & Health Rules Updates: Ladder Safety

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Use the right tool for the job in the right manner!
As ladder technology and designs evolve, more and more ladder options are becoming available.That being said, it can certainly get confusing as to what is compliant. Several new ladder technologies have been seen in use in our industry, from the “little giant” ladders to “Louisville”-style ladders that allow multiple ladder configurations. While these ladders are allowed to be used on the jobsite, it is imperative that those ladders be used correctly and within manufacturers specs.

Statistically speaking, using a ladder on the jobsite is still one of the most dangerous things you can do on the job. And this principal extends to home as well. Many are putting up and taking down holiday lights this time of year, and we want to remind everyone of the critical need to apply good ladder safety practices so your holidays are not marred by as serious accident. Annually, 6,000 people die in ladder-related accidents, and a further 164,000 people visit emergency-rooms because of ladder accidents. They are great tools, no doubt, but safe ladder set-up and use is paramount!

Click here to view our AGC Toolbox Talk on Ladder Safety. For more ladder info, contact AGC’s Safety Services Department.

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