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Prepare for new weekly certified payroll report requirements on all public works

Beginning January 1, 2020, weekly certified-payroll reports are required to be filed online with L&I at least once a month for all public-works projects. Earlier this year, the legislature passed ESSB 5035, adding this requirement to the prevailing-wage laws within chapter 39.12 RCW – check out the new RCW 39.12.120 to learn more.

This change effects all public-works projects on January 1 to include those that are in progress and all new ones moving forward. Each contractor must file their certified payroll using L&I’s online system at least once a month. (If the online system is not used, a contractor shall file a copy of its certified payroll records directly with the department in a format approved by the department.)  

Please note, contractors can be penalized for failing to file.

L&I’s Online System
L&I’s online certified-payroll system is available today and is being used by 5,000 contractors. Here’s why they’re already using it and why they like it so much:
• Validates wage rates
• Pre-populates affidavit
• Saves workers and their information
• Validates apprentices
• Auto-calculates apprentice utilization
• Auto-hides Social Security Numbers
• Instantly viewable by the prime, awarding agency, and L&I!

Be Prepared
Contractors can view the step-by-step instructions to learn how to access and file certified payroll online today. Training videos are coming in December to help you file online.

Frequently asked questions
What if the contract requires certified payroll to be entered in another system?

You will have to enter certified payroll into both systems. Check with the awarding agency or prime contractor to ensure the other system is still required. At minimum, you will always have to enter it into L&I’s online system.

Does the system meet the Davis-Bacon Act requirements for federally funded projects?

This is coming in February 2020! Currently, L&I’s system doesn’t have all of the required federal information.

Can I upload data from my payroll system?

Yes! It does have to be in a specific format, which may require some IT assistance. Check with your payroll software company to see how they can help. Learn more about our payroll upload option.

Email us with any additional questions or concerns about this new requirement.

Jim P. Christensen
Industrial Statistician and Program Manager – Prevailing Wage
Department of Labor and Industries

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