AGCWA leaders visit Congress to urge passage of highway bill, pension reform

Act now! All members of the U.S. House of Representatives need to hear from their constituents that any further extensions are unacceptable.
Posted on: 10/13/2015

AGC of America comments on CMGC proposal

The MAP-21 transportation bill allows states to use the Construction Manager/General Contractor (CMGC, also known as GCCM) contracting method for Federal-aid highway projects. The Federal Highway Administration has now proposed the regulations that will govern how this contracting method can be used.
Posted on: 09/28/2015

State Supreme Court rules that gas tax rebates to Tribes are constitutional

AGC and allies within the business community lost a legal battle recently when the State Supreme Court ruled that gas-tax rebates to tribes are constitutional.
Posted on: 09/28/2015

New SEPA exemptions for structurally deficient bridges

Planning is now underway for new SEPA exemptions for certain structurally deficient bridges.
Posted on: 08/25/2015

US Senate passes long-term highway bill; focus now on the House

The US Senate passed a six-year transportation reauthorization bill – the first time in years that an actual long-term bill was passed rather than a “kick the can down the road” short-term fix. Now it’s up to the House.
Posted on: 08/07/2015

Legislature: Double-overtime nearly over; no budget agreement yet

The State Legislature is in its second special session and so far no agreements have been reached on the operating and capital budgets nor on the comprehensive transportation funding package. This special session is slated to end by June 30 but the more important deadline is July 1 – that’s when...
Posted on: 06/15/2015

What projects might Sound Transit 3 entail?

Sound Transit is hoping to move forward on its third phase with an up-to $15 billion package. It’s still a long way off with no certainty for its success as the Legislature still has to provide permission to Sound Transit to put the measure on the ballot and then it would have to be passed by vot...
Posted on: 06/11/2015

Current-law transportation budget funds 520, tunnel, preservation

It’s not the $15 billion comprehensive transportation funding package that AGC is pushing for but the Legislature recently passed the 2015-1017 “current law” budget which will fund a few projects insert some money into preservation and maintenance and prevent a shutdown of existing projects once ...
Posted on: 06/01/2015

Bertha: Contractor prevails on differing site-conditions issue – now what?

By John AhlersEarly this month the three-member Board appointed by WSDOT and Seattle Tunnel Partners (STP) to assist in resolving contractual disputes on the Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Project issued its latest recommendation. The question before the Board was narrow in scope: was an eight-i...
Posted on: 05/28/2015

U.S. Rep Suzan DelBene talks transportation, pension reform with AGC contractors

Discussing a wide range of topics including federal transportation funding multiemployer pension plan reform and project labor agreements U.S. Representative Suzan DelBene recently visited with AGC members and staff in Bothell including Paul Mayo (Flatiron) Geoff Owen (Kiewit) Jake Jacobson (Osbo...
Posted on: 05/28/2015

House committee passes transportation package

In another major step for a comprehensive transportation funding package the House Transportation Committee passed out funding bills that money-wise are similar to the package passed by the full state Senate. Thanks to the many AGC members who contacted committee members in the days before the vo...
Posted on: 04/17/2015

Petition urges passing of a comprehensive transportation package

Help Keep Washington Rolling -- join us in urging Governor Inslee and the Washington State Legislature to pass a comprehensive statewide transportation package this legislative session. Our economy can’t wait any longer. We have large infrastructure needs all around the state and making necessary...
Posted on: 04/15/2015

Paul Mayo, Bob Adams testify in support of transportation funding plan

 AGC members Paul Mayo of Flatiron Constructors and Bob Adams of Guy F. Atkinson Construction joined AGC lobbyist Duke Schaub in testifying before the House Transportation Committee last week in support of a comprehensive transportation funding package. (Photo L-R: Bob Adams Paul Mayo and Duke S...
Posted on: 03/30/2015

$15B transportation package takes big step in Senate

The $15 billion transportation package took a big step forward yesterday when the Senate voted out two of three funding measures. Late last week the Senate voted out all eight transportation-reform bills. The bill that includes the 11.7-cent gas-tax increase and other funding measures SSB 5987 p...
Posted on: 03/03/2015

WSDOT implements reforms for a more efficient, effective agency

By Secretary of Transportation Lynn Peterson Editor’s note: With a transportation-funding package being debated in Olympia the issue of reforms regarding how transportation dollars are spent is front and center. We asked WSDOT Sec. Lynn Peterson (photo) to describe the steps that WSDOT has alre...
Posted on: 03/02/2015

AGC issues transportation-package action alert

AGC has issued an action alert to urge State Senate members to support the proposed $15B transportation-funding package. This package is comprised of eleven bills that include a number of critical state projects. The Senate is likely to vote on the package Thursday or Friday of this week. Click h...
Posted on: 02/24/2015

Senate Transportation leaders unveil $15B funding and reform package

Construction of the SR 167/SR 509 Gateway I-5 JBLM corridor improvements and I-82 Yakima to Union Gap improvements are among the 104 projects that would be constructed via a $15 billion transportation package introduced last week in the State Senate. Funded primarily through a phased-in 11.7 cent...
Posted on: 02/16/2015

AGC-WSDOT Administrative and Environmental Excellence award winners

Granite Construction Guy F. Atkinson KLB Construction West Company and Spokane Products were among those honored for administrative and environmental excellence by WSDOT and AGC of Washington. Awards were presented at the AGC-WSDOT annual meeting January 8 in Tacoma. Partnership for Excellence i...
Posted on: 01/17/2015

Right ways and wrong ways to fund transportation

One of AGCs top legislative priorities is passage of a comprehensive transportation package to address congestion unmet preservation and maintenance needs and freight mobility. One of the big questions is how to pay for a package. Governor Inslee recently introduced a carbon cap-and-trade mechan...
Posted on: 01/17/2015

New fiscal year, same old highway trust-fund problems

With October 1 marking the beginning of fiscal year 2015 the 31-member organization Transportation Construction Coalition (TCC) urged Congress to find a way to pay for and pass a new long-term surface transportation measure as soon as possible. They cautioned that failure to act would lead to ano...
Posted on: 10/13/2014

WSDOT prepares for federal funding shortfall

Although Congress has failed to pass a long-term federal highway bill the U.S. House recently took another shot at it as last week it approved by a vote of 367 to 55 H.R. 5021 a $10.8 billion Highway Trust Fund patch which provides sufficient revenue to maintain current funding levels through May...
Posted on: 07/18/2014

Report highlights need for rural road improvement

In 2012 22 percent of Washington’s major rural roads were rated in poor condition -- the 12th-highest rate nationally.This is one of the findings of a recently released report Rural Connections: Challenges and Opportunities in America’s Heartland by national transportation research group TRIP. Th...
Posted on: 07/18/2014

Transportation and the Governor's climate executive order: Your thoughts?

Gov. Inslee’s recent Executive Order regarding climate change has received a lot of attention most of it focused on his plans for a carbon cap-and-trade program. However there are several other elements to the Executive Order (full copy here) that could impact the construction industry including ...
Posted on: 05/23/2014

Report confirms the loss of transportation funds to compact

$30 million a year is being siphoned out of gas-tax funded transportation construction by a questionable compact that Washington State entered into with the Tribes in 2007 concludes a report by former Washington State Auditor Brian Sonntag. In 2007 the Legislature passed a bill authorizing the G...
Posted on: 04/28/2014

Milestone for PCL Civil's Sound Transit project

The PCL Civil Constructors construction team for the Sound Transit South 200th Link Extension project was visited by Sound Transit staff members of the congressional delegation Washington State and local officials and the media on April 9th. The start of the guideway erection at Sound Transits...
Posted on: 04/15/2014