New tool to verify correct workers-comp risk classifications

Contractors now have the ability to verify that they have the correct workers’ compensation risk classifications when bidding and reporting work performed on public works projects.
Posted on: 06/04/2019

Online training on prevailing wage now available

Contractors can now access online training through their Prevailing Wage Intent & Affidavit portal to learn about prevailing wage and public-works projects, plus meet the new training requirement.
Posted on: 06/04/2019

L&I announces improvements to prevailing-wage online system

L&I recently announced that prime contractors and awarding agencies can quickly message each other and/or L&I about a project within their Prevailing Wage Intent & Affidavit (PWIA) system or Awarding Agency Portal. These features will help keep everyone in the loop, save time, and minimize phone calls by keeping project conversations in one spot.
Posted on: 05/06/2019

Prevailing-wage changes: Increased penalties, greater enforcement, certified payrolls, cut fees, expanded coverage

The Legislature just passed several measures impacting the state’s prevailing-wage program. AGC members are encouraged to become familiar with this information -- particularly the increased penalties and enforcement!
Posted on: 05/06/2019

AGC files suit over prevailing-wage legislation

On January 23, 2019, AGC of Washington filed suit to overturn recently-enacted legislation (SB 5493) that dramatically changes how prevailing wages are set in the state.
Posted on: 01/29/2019

L&I working on prevailing wage ease-of-use improvements

Over the next seven months, L&I will launch exciting new features for the Prevailing-Wage Intent & Affidavit (PWIA) system and Awarding-Agency Portal.
Posted on: 12/18/2018

AGC protests proposed prevailing-wage enforcement strategy

L&I is considering a proposal from REBOUND, a building trades group, to significantly alter the way in which the department enforces prevailing-wage laws and the potential penalties for non-compliance.
Posted on: 12/18/2018

AGC seeks changes to new prevailing-wage law

The Legislature passed legislation that changed the way prevailing wages are set, saying that the prevailing wage will be the wage set by collective-bargaining agreements for those trades and in those counties with CBAs.
Posted on: 11/05/2018

L&I proposes new overtime rules

The Department of Labor and Industries is in the process of updating rules regarding exemptions to the minimum-wage act (MWA) which exempts executive, administrative and professional (EAP) workers.
Posted on: 11/06/2018

Changes in prevailing wage rates to take effect Aug. 31

As it is required to do every February and August, the Department of Labor and Industries has posted new prevailing wages, and among them are some significant changes.
Posted on: 08/29/2018

Take note of prevailing wage, apprenticeship changes

Among the bills passed by the Legislature and signed into law by the Governor during the recently concluded legislative session were these measures:
Posted on: 03/28/2018

L&I planning wage surveys for several trades including truck drivers, site surveyors

The Department of Labor and Industries is planning wage and hour surveys to establish prevailing-wage rates for several trades. The surveys will be carried out over the next 12 months and will be used to establish prevailing-wage rates in all 39 counties.
Posted on: 11/01/2017

L&I announces improvements to intent and affidavits reporting and tracking

The Department of Labor and Industries recently announced the launch of new features for the Prevailing Wage Intent & Affidavit (PWIA).
Posted on: 02/14/2017

New prevailing-wage determinations for portable toilets, locksmiths, more

The Industrial Statistician recently published prevailing-wage determinations regarding office cubicles and furniture lock and locksmith work portable toilets and construction of a spill-prevention control and countermeasure structure.  Click the appropriate link for the specific determination o...
Posted on: 06/10/2015

Guidelines to prevent union-backed prevailing-wage claims on public-works projects in Washington

Eileen I. McKillop Lane Powell PCConstruction has finally picked up after the recession. The Puget Sound Business Journal recently reported that the top 25 construction projects in the Puget Sound region amount to at least $12.5 billion of business for the region. As many major public-works proje...
Posted on: 06/03/2015

Reverse Prevailing Wage Mission Creep

Prevailing wage laws are receiving more scrutiny in this legislative session than they have for years due in large measure to the State Senate’s “Majority Coaltion” that elevated Sen. Janéa Holmquist-Newbry (R-13) to Commerce and Labor Committee Chair. The sheer number of prevailing wage bills –...
Posted on: 03/04/2013

Bills Expand Apprentice Quotas, Prevailing Wage to Some Private Projects

AGC opposes both HB 1023 which extends apprenticeship utilization quotas to certain private projects and HB 1025 which extends prevailing wage laws to some private projects. Basically the bills redefine as public works those projects for which: a party to the contract for the public work rece...
Posted on: 02/04/2013