Governor announces plan for ultra-efficient buildings

Gov. Jay Inslee recently unveiled a plan that he hopes would launch a dramatic reduction of Washington state’s greenhouse gas emissions over the next 15 years.
Posted on: 01/14/2019

AGC opposes PSCAA fuel proposal

The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency is considering a regional low-carbon fuel standard (LCFS), and AGC is opposed. AGC is joining a coalition of business, agriculture and labor groups in requesting that PSCAA drop its proposal.
Posted on: 11/06/2018

Harvey's aftermath will rattle construction supply chain, economists say

Hurricane Harvey’s immediate impact on the construction sector will be a disruption in the supply chain for key materials, along with scheduling problems for projects that were under construction.
Posted on: 09/08/2017

Gov. Inslee signs executive order on carbon reduction

Gov. Jay Inslee recently signed an executive order outlining a series of steps to cut carbon pollution in Washington through a cap-and-trade program a low-carbon fuel standard more energy-efficient buildings and other tactics. The Governor’s executive order does not implement any new programs but...
Posted on: 05/12/2014