Sound Transit unveils its $50 billion plan

Last week, Sound Transit released its draft Sound Transit 3 (ST3) plan, kicking off a public comment period that will likely conclude with the $50 billion plan on the November ballot in the Sound Transit counties.

If approved, the 25-year plan would construct light rail from Tacoma to Everett, from West Seattle to Issaquah. By building 58 miles of light rail and 39 stations, ST3 would establish a regional 108-mile system. Click here for the draft project phasing plan.

The $50 billion in investments would be funded through new voter-approved sales, MVET and property taxes. The estimated additional annual and monthly costs of the new taxes for a typical adult in the Sound Transit District are approximately $200 annually, or $17 a month. Approximately 80 percent of the $50.1 billion, 25-year package would fund capital investments across the region, while 13 percent would fund operating and maintaining the expanded system and 7 percent would primarily fund paying off bonds. Click here for more info on proposed ST3 funding.

Visit the Sound Transit 3 website for information, including a map of the draft plan.

AGC’s Board and Government Affairs Committee, as well as AGC’s BUILD PAC, will soon be discussing whether to, and how AGC might, participate in the Sound Transit 3 campaign.

Contact AGC’s Seattle District Manager Jerry Dinndorf, 206.284.0061, with questions or comments.