Sen. Mark Schoesler named Legislator of the Year

AGC of Washington's 2016 Legislator of the Year, Senator Mark Schoesler, is a true leader in Olympia who solves problems and gets things done.

Those of you who follow AGC’s activities in Olympia have heard our praises for the Senate Majority Coalition Caucus, or MCC. The MCC is the bipartisan coalition that we can accurately say is business-friendly. And as the Senate Majority Leader, Sen. Schoesler is the lynchpin that makes the MCC go.

Sen. Schoesler fights for fiscal stability through sustainable budgeting. Have you noticed that at the beginning of each of the last few years, the Governor announces for proposals for huge tax increases, yet those increases never come to pass? And have you noticed that the Legislature has passed budget with large increases for education without the Governor’s taxes? Sen. Schoesler is the reason for that and we thank him for his commitmnt and dedication to the citizens of Washington State and the construction industry.

Senator Schoesler was unable to attend AGC's annual convention but prepared this video presentation for convention attendees.