Provide input on updates to Building Code Council rules and bylaws

The following information is provided by the State Building Code Council.

The State Building Code Council will be seeking public input
as it updates its state rules as well as its bylaws.

The purpose of both updates is the same: to improve clarity and transparency, to ensure a fair process for all stakeholders, and to encourage effective participation in developing state building codes.

The Council will update its state rules to improve clarity on how and why amendments to state building codes are considered. Updating the rules also will help explain the Council’s obligation under state law – Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 19.27, also called the State Building Code Act.

In a separate process, the Council will update its bylaws, which govern procedures such as meeting and voting protocols as well as the composition of standing committees and procedures for technical advisory groups.  

The Council will use separate processes because:
- a formal rulemaking process is required to make updates to agency rules – in this instance Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 51-04, which guides how amendments to state building codes are considered.
- updates to bylaws must be made with a two-thirds vote of the council.

Stakeholder input will be critical to both of these updates. The Council will conduct an open process for both updates, organized by topic.

How to provide input
Input for update to state rules (WAC 51-04)

Before the Council files a proposed rule update with the state Code Reviser, in addition to other helpful information stakeholders may bring to the table, the Council is seeking input on several specific topics relevant to WAC 51-04.

Once rule revisions are proposed, a formal public comment period will be held, including public hearings. Today through June 30, The Council is requesting input on the issue of ensuring that the reasons and process for adopting and amending the national model code are clear. This includes:

• WAC 51-04-020   Policies for consideration of proposed statewide amendments
       - criteria for state amendments
       - deadlines for state amendment proposals
       - timeline for adoption of new model codes

WAC 51-04-025  Procedures for submittal of proposed statewide amendments
       - purpose of petition for emergency amendments
       - review submittal form

People may provide input by attending the June 10 State Building Code Council meeting at 10 a.m. at 1500 Jefferson Street, Olympia. See the meeting agenda for dial-in and WebEx options.

All input will be considered equally, whether submitted in person or via email.



Rule update
In addition to other helpful information stakeholders may bring to the table, the Council will seek input on the following rule update topics prior to proposing revisions to WAC 51-04:
  • Provide a clear and workable procedure for the review of local government amendments
  • Clarify  the process for reconsidering decisions

Bylaw update
For the bylaw updates, in addition to other helpful information stakeholders may bring to the table, the Council will be seeking input on these topics:
  • transcribing minutes
  • Council voting procedures
  • composition and role of Council committees
  • technical advisory groups
  • budget and personnel oversight

Stay tuned
At its June 10 meeting, the Council will consider meetings in several locations to take input on its state rule and bylaw updates in June and July.

Learn more on the Building Code Council Update of Policies and Procedures website.

If you have any further questions, please contact Council staff at 360.407.9280.

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