New tool to verify correct workers-comp risk classifications

From the Department of Labor and Industries

Contractors now have the ability to verify that they have the correct workers-compensation risk classifications when bidding and reporting work performed on public works projects. This new feature uses your Prevailing-Wage Trade and Occupation to identify the appropriate workers-comp risk classification(s) for the type of work you will be performing.

Here are a few examples on how you might use this tool to assist with workers-compensation insurance for your project:

  • Bid more accurately by verifying you have the correct risk classifications prior to bidding.
  • Report hours in the correct risk classification during the project to reduce time to release retainage at closeout.

Access this tool in these different locations:

  • Look-up Journey-level rates
  • Prevailing-Wage Intent & Affidavit system – These tools include your company’s assigned workers-compensation risk classifications and rates. Quickly identify if you have the correct risk classification or if you need to have one assigned.
    • from your Dashboard, under Additional Tasks
    • filing your intent, during Step 4

Contact your Workers’ Compensation account manager at 360.902.4817 to verify you have the correct risk classifications assigned to your account.

Click here to learn more about these new features.

We hope these improvements make it easier for you to do business with L&I.

     Jim P. Christensen
     Industrial Statistician and Program Manager
     Prevailing Wage
     Department of Labor and Industries