L&I working on prevailing wage ease-of-use improvements

The following info is provided by the Department of Labor and Industries:

Over the next seven months, L&I will launch exciting new features for the Prevailing-Wage Intent & Affidavit (PWIA) system and Awarding-Agency Portal. These changes will make it easier to manage your L&I requirements on prevailing-wage projects and will include:

  • monitoring and reporting of apprentice utilization plus minority- and women-owned businesses.

  • improving communications between the awarding agency, prime contractor, L&I’s Prevailing Wage Program and L&I’s Contract Release Unit on a public-works project.

  • identifying the correct workers’-compensation risk classifications when bidding and reporting work performed on public-works projects.

  • helping you meet the new training requirement when bidding on or performing work on public-works projects on or after July 1, 2019. Learn more about this new requirement.

Your feedback drove these improvements! Please keep providing us great feedback.

We hope these improvements make it easier for you to do business with L&I.

      Jim P. Christensen
      Industrial Statistician and Program Manager
      Prevailing Wage
      Department of Labor and Industries