"Government Shutdown 101" for federal contractors: How to survive it

From ConstructionDive.com

Does your company participate in federal contracts? Whether they're the majority of your business or a relatively small share of your total project work, successfully enduring a shutdown in federal government activities requires preparation. This article explains how to do that.

  • Meet with the project's contracting officer in advance to determine its status in the event of a shutdown.
  • Review the contract to determine what shutdown-related costs are billable.
  • Collect as much information about the project as possible.
  • Remedy any payment concerns in advance.
  • Request a time extension on the contract.
  • In the event of a shutdown, unless otherwise ordered, show up to the site and document being turned away or that the site was inaccessible.
  • Prepare to increase capacity to the project once the shutdown ends.

In 2013, after partisan squabbles around the Affordable Care Act, Congress failed to enact a spending bill, throwing the federal government into shutdown mode. As a result, more than 400,000 government workers were furloughed, and agencies deemed non-essential shuttered their windows for 16 days, CNBC reported...  Read more at Shutdown.