Capital Budget and “Hirst fix” pass Legislature


AGC applauds passage of the long-delayed 2017-2019 State Capital Budget as well as passage of the water-rights “Hirst fix.”

The Capital Budget funds about $4 billion in construction, including $1 billion for schools. The package also includes about $500 for university projects, such as $24 million for the Burke Museum at UW and $23 million for the animal health facility at WSU. It funds about $640 million in clean-up, clean water, stormwater and other Department of Ecology programs.

For a list of projects funded through the bill, click here

Substitute Senate Bill 6091, referred to as the “Hirst Fix,” passed the Senate 35-14 and the House 66-30, and was signed by the Governor.

The new legislation:

  • authorizes the use of new wells throughout the state (some new conditions may apply, depending on the watershed);

  • clarifies the relationship between local permitting authorities and the Department of Ecology to help provide for greater certainty for permit applicants going forward;

  • establishes local planning committees to recommend stream-enhancement projects and other local standards in certain watersheds, and

  • creates a task force to make recommendations about finding ways to make water available for growth in municipalities, and authorizes some pilot projects that will allow water rights to be granted.

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