AGC ACTION ALERT: Ask your Senator to help defeat anti-contracting-out legislation (HB 1851)

Ask your Senator to help defeat anti-contracting out legislation (HB 1851)

Help defeat an anti-contracting-out piece of legislation by contacting your State Senator today!

HB 1851 would make it nearly impossible for work, which hadn't previously been contracted out, to be offered to private businesses. That's because the bill requires a complex and slanted "analysis" that would have to be done by public agencies when such situations arise, and the complexity of this analysis would nearly ensure that the work would be kept in-house.

Tell your Senator to SUPPORT an amendment that AGC and its allies are promoting and/or to OPPOSE the overall bill. The amendment simply exempts public-works construction (RCW 39.04); alternative public-works contracting (RCW 39.10); contracts for architectural and engineering services (RCW 39.80); and HVAC, plumbing and electrical services from the effects of the bill.

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