AGC’s BUILD PAC helps keep the MCC in control

AGC’s BUILD PAC Senior Council’s #1 goal going into the 2016 elections was for the Majority Coalition Caucus (25 Republicans and 1 Democrat) to remain in control of the Senate, a goal which was achieved! AGC’s BUILD PAC invested more than $206,000 during the 2016 elections and we wouldn’t have been able to do that without the help of our members who made contributions to our PAC. AGC’s BUILD PAC’s Senior Council focused the majority of its attention supporting pro-business Senate candidates in difficult races.

2016 general election by the numbers
(November 14, 2016 as of 8:00 a.m.; some ballots yet to be counted)

State Senate
• 25 MCC members (24 Republicans and Democrat Tim Sheldon)
• 24 Democrats
• D’s picked up LD 41: Lisa Wellman defeated Sen. Steve Litzow.
• Close race:  Sen. Mark Mullet (D) is leading Rep. Chad Magendanz by 907 (Mullet’s lead has been decreasing).
• Appointments and 2017 special elections: LD 45 Andy Hill (R), LD 37 Pramila Jaypal (D) and LD 48 Cyrus Habib (D), if her lead holds LD 31 Pam Roach (R).

State House
• House Rs will have 48 to 50 Ds (if the races below hold).
• Close races (names in red are candidates supported by AGC’s BUILD PAC).
    - LD 19 Pos. 1: Teresa Purcell (D) v Jim Walsh (R) (Walsh is leading by 76) (includes Cowlitz, Grays Harbor,
       Pacific, Wahkiakum and Lewis counties

    - LD 30 Pos. 2: Rep. Terri Hickel (R) v Kristine Reeves (D) (Hickel behind by 836)
• House Republicans picked up the open seat in the LD 31 by electing Phil Fortunato and it looks like they could pick up a seat in the 19th if Jim Walsh holds his lead.
• Looks like the Democrats could pick up two seats in the LD 30 (Linda Kochmar and Terri Hickel’s seats)

Congressional Races
• AGC of America PAC contributed to seven candidates in Washington; all seven were re-elected.
• The Republicans will keep control of the US House. It looks like there will be  238 Republicans and 193 Democrats  
• State Senator Pramila Jaypal was elected to Cong. Jim McDermott’s open seat
• The US Senate will continue to be controlled by Republicans with 51 Rs and 48 Ds. The Republicans could add one more if they win the December runoff in Louisiana as expected.

Ballot Measures
• I-732 (carbon): AGC’s BUILD PAC was opposed to this and it failed.
• I-1643 (public campaign financing): AGC’s BUILD PAC was opposed to this and it failed.
• I-1433 (raise minimum wage and mandatory sick leave): AGC’s BUILD PAC was opposed to this and it passed.

Local-Government Races
• Pierce County Exec: Bruce Dammeier is leading Rick Talbert by 12,557
• Pierce County Council Dist. 2: Pam Roach is leading Carolyn Edmonds by 117
• Pierce County Council Dist. 6: Doug Richardson leads Linda Farmer by 456
• Yakima County Council Dist. 1: Mike Leita is leading Eric Geary by 8,929
• Yakima County Council Dist. 2: Debra Manjarrez is behind Ron Anderson by 3,117