Construction Opportunities at Fort Lewis

Construction Opportunities at Fort Lewis On February 12 over 90 people attended a Corps of Engineers Fort Lewis Construction Presentation at the AGC office in Tacoma. The presentation focused on the construction workload administered by the Corps at Fort Lewis through 2010 Milcon Transformation and how that has changed how the Corps does business the O&M Program impacts of the economic stimulus proposals how to bid on Corps contracts and small business programs.

To see a list of ongoing contracts at Fort Lewis click here.  To see a list of upcoming projects click here. For a copy of the powerpoint presentation which includes info on Milcon Transformation and other topics click here.

The presenters were the Seattle District Chief of Contracting Cheryl Anderson Military Program Manager Victor Ramos and Fort Lewis Resident Engineer George Henry. Please review the attachments to get a better picture of what the Corps can offer contractors.

As the economy gets tougher for contractors the AGC plans to be on the forefront of finding work for our members and keeping the industry healthy.