The Bug is Back! AGC Unveils New Logo with Old \Friend\


The AGC of Washington presents a new logo that brings back one of the most recognizable icons within the industry: the AGC bug the round symbol with the letters AGC on a red background. Members are invited to use the new logo and it can be accessed in various formats on the AGC website by clicking here.

The AGC of America had done market research that confirmed what we suspected - people in the industry immediately recognize the ‘bug and associate it with AGC said David DHondt AGC of Washington Executive Vice President. Like the Nike swoosh logo the bug has strong brand identity and we wanted to leverage that in our own communications.

DHondt added that another impetus for redesigning the chapter logo was AGC of Americas redesign of its logo. We wanted a logo that is distinctive but also graphically complements the national version to emphasize the strong and mutually beneficial ties we have with AGC of America he said. Plus the large A-G-C letters in our new logo are the same font as the gold letters on top of the AGC Building in Seattle making a graphic connection between our association and the valuable iconic property our members own on the shores of Lake Union.

The new logo is modular - in some instances it will be used in its full form as displayed above; in other cases it may be used in its half form as displayed below. Both of these versions as well as different formats for print or electronic versions are available on the AGC website as is a style guide that will govern its use. AGC members must log in to access the logo.

The development of the new logo was overseen by a committee of AGC staff. AGC Officers suggested changes to an initial version and approved the final design.

AGC intends to phase-in the logo incorporating it first into electronic communication and onto print pieces as current supplies are used up. We dont want to fill up the landfill with unused items just because they have the old logo on them said DHondt. Well use up these pieces and responsibly work the new logo into our materials.

Any AGC members with questions about the logo use can email Sarah Teague or call her at 206.284.0061.