Volunteers Needed to Repair SLU Wooden Boat Center

As its Community Service project for this year the AGC Seattle District has picked a series of small repair projects to help our neighbor the Center for Wooden Boats (CWB) located at the south end of Lake Union. CWB is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving maritime heritage for future generations by preserving and sharing both the artifacts and the time-tested maritime skills of sailing paddling boatbuilding and boat maintenance. Click here for an overview of the projects.

To complete these projects AGC is seeking members who can perform the following specific projects or provide materials and individuals who can help do the work.

1. Shingle repairs and roof washing on several small buildings. Singles on hand for repairs but not enough if extensive replacement required on Pavilion.

2. Construction/repair of wood storage cabinets for life jackets etc. Some materials needed

3. Construction of work benches for the Pavilion. Materials needed.

4. Design and installation of a 20’ foot I-beam for the boat shop to lift craft out of the water and into the shop for repair. This project requires the skills of an architect and an engineer.

5. Rebuild a number of floating docks good job for unskilled labor but need a supervisor. Materials available.

6. Mobile crane to lift the docks in and out of the water.

7. Dumpster for construction debris and or dump truck

8. Install stove pipe chimney for wood stove in boat shop. Materials needed.

9. Digging a 60’ trench and installing a 190 feet of 70 amp electrical conduit in ground along pier and on floating dock. Materials needed.

10. Skilled carpenters and electricians and unskilled volunteers.

The construction and repair of the storage cabinets needs to be completed in May before boat rentals pick up. Other work can be scheduled as resources and laborers are identified. AGC plans to hold a work day this spring for rebuilding the floating docks and other jobs where we can integrate non-skilled labor. Roger Smith KBA has volunteered to coordinate all work.


Roofing repairs-

  • • Shingles (Number depends on amount over what is on hand – inspection required) copper naphthenate? nails

Storage cabinets-

  • Fencing grade tight knot cedar- 110 x 1x6x8 (about 9/16ths to 11/16ths thick actual)
  • Fir/hemlock- 35 x 2x4x8 and 10 x 2x6x8
  • Hinges- CWB will provide
  • Fasteners- CWB will provide screws; Ideally a professional would construct with a nail gun and proper nails (about 500-750)

Work benches

  • Quantities to be determined

Topper docks-

  • CWB has the materials. Need Dumpster and or dump truck for debris hauling and disposal.

Chimney/stovepipe/vent –

  • 12 ft of 6” double wall pipe from the top of the stove to the bottom of the peak in the roof.
  • Vent (chimney class A) that passes through the roof.

Electrical –

CWB would work the permit through parks to run the ditch along the pier. They might need help getting the actual permit through the city.

  • 70 amp circuit
  • 190 ft of wire and conduit (60ft in a trench 90ft fastened to concrete pier above ground 40ft in a dock)
  • Service panel with two 20 amp and a 30 amp breaker
  • Fasteners/hardware