One-Call Legal Assistance

Try AGC’s free one-call legal-assistance service and get some help. This program is provided by the AGC Legal Affairs Committee and is available to all current AGC members.

About the program

PLEASE NOTE: AGC’s One-Call Legal-Assistance program roster is currently being updated.
For questions about the current roster or for more information, please contact Michele Willms, 360.352.5000.
Note to AGC-member attorneys: to update this list, contact Michele Willms, 360.352.5000.

Why was the One-Call Legal-Assistance program established, and how does it work?

There is often a need for AGC members to have immediate access to an attorney for competent advice on matters that may not go any further than one telephone call. AGC of Washington has arranged with members of our Legal Affairs Committee for qualified attorneys to be available to answer telephone calls from our membership.

Who do I call?

Call any of the participating attorneys on the list. They have all volunteered to have their name and contact information provided here in order to assist fellow members.

How long can we talk?

Approximately ten minutes. After that, it is up to you and the attorney you have called to decide whether you will be billed for any additional time.

Who is eligible for this program?

This service is only available to members in good standing with AGC of Washington. When you place the call, you must indicate this fact to the attorney.

Can I call more than one attorney on the list for the same problem?

No. You are entitled to call only one attorney on the list for the free ten-minute conversation. If we find that members are calling more than one attorney, we will have to terminate this program. Please give us your full cooperation in this regard.

What if I need more advice?

You can decide to hire the attorney you have called, or you can hire another attorney of your choice. You are not bound to have any further relationship with the attorney you call under the program.

Can I discuss any subject?

Generally, yes — but please note the attorneys have designated areas of interest and matters outside those areas may have to be referred to someone else.

May I ask the attorney for a referral to someone else who can help me?


Will the AGC recommend an attorney for me?

No. While AGCW provides you with a list of attorneys who are on our Legal Affairs Committee, we do not make a recommendation of any particular attorney or law firm, nor do we portend to provide legal services.

Has any fee schedule been established for follow-up advice that I might need from any of the attorneys listed?

No. Legal fees are competitive. You must make your own fee agreement with the attorney of your choice.

For more information on the One Call Legal Assistance program, please contact Michele Willms.