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New L&I enhancements for filing certified payroll

New L&I enhancements for filing certified-payroll

L&I’s Contractor Portal and Awarding Agency Portal are now updated with more enhancements to filing and managing certified payroll. These updates include:

  • Hiring contractors can now access and view their subcontractors’ certified-payroll reports. This is available in the Project Structure when viewing a project.
  • Less than prevailing-wage rates are displayed in red bold text. This includes while filing the certified payroll and when viewing as the contractor, hiring contractor, prime contractor, awarding agency and L&I.
  • Missing weeks of certified-payroll reports are now identified for the contractor and are viewable by the prime and hiring contractors plus the awarding agency. L&I begins calculating the missing weeks from the first report filed to today’s date.
  • Contractors have more standard benefits and deductions to select when filing certified payroll. A dropdown list makes them easy to identify and add for the employee.
  • Direct links to forms when viewing Intents Not Filed and Affidavits Not Filed. Quickly view the form that identified there is a missing intent or affidavit for the project.

Please feel free to email them with any questions or concerns.

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