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Monthly Rules and Inititatives Update: November Safety Forums

Click here to get November’s latest information on fall protection, OSHA recordkeeping, silica, lead, confined spaces and more.

November Safety Forums around the state
The topic for the November Safety Forum in Seattle is drug testing, with an update from Tom Pool at Drug-Free Business. We will also be discussing the updates on OSHA’s position on post-accident drug testing as retaliation or discrimination against injured workers. Their position has softened and we expect guidance to be published on this issue. Enforcement has been delayed to December 1.

November 2 – We will be visiting Wenatchee and Yakima members for their forums.

November 7 – Southern District Safety Forum at our Fife office.

November 16 – Northern District Safety Forum at our Bellingham office.

New OSHA guidelines on safety programs
Please note: if you are in Safety Team®, you already exceed OSHA’s recommendations!…

OSHA’s top-ten safety citations for 2016
1. Fall protection
2. Hazard communication
3. Scaffolds
4. Respiratory protection
5. Lockout/tagout
6. Powered industrial trucks
7. Ladders
8. Machine guarding
9. Electrical – wiring
10. Electrical – general requirements

In construction, we tend to talk about the Focus 4 Hazards, which represent 7 of the top ten violations (as highlighted in red above). AGC offers training materials and information that can help you address the Focus 4 hazards as well as all items in this top-ten listing. We would love to help you!

For the full article and more detail, click here to check out OSHA’s Blog.

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