When it comes to retirement plans,
one size does not fit all.

With over $125M in assets and serving over 100 companies with more than 4,000 participants, the AGC plan has the versatility to meet your needs. That’s why the Northwest AGC Chapters Retirement Plan really measures up.

Our plan is designed with contractors in mind, is a great tool for retirement savings, and can be tailored to meet the goals and requirements of your business. With guidance from qualified retirement planning professionals, you can explore the design and funding alternatives that work best for your company.

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Plan features

• no set-up fees

• no billed costs to employers or employees

• trustee board made up of contractors and industry professionals who review the plan each quarter

• access to more cost-effective investments through the plan's bulk-buying power

• 29 investment options including a full suite of target-retirement date funds

• prevailing-wage plan design feature allows employers FICA and FUTA tax savings

• options include both traditional and Roth 401(k), Davis Bacon and profit-sharing plan provisions

• no individual company government-filing requirements

• form 5500 prepared and filed by the plan so you don’t have to

• customization to fit your company’s needs


Plan services

• integrated plan administration and recordkeeping is provided by
  Northwest Plan Services, Inc., a company dedicated to client care

• employee education on asset allocation and diversification

• 24-hour web and phone access to account information

• employee enrollment meetings for new participants

• annual review meeting with employers and employees

• call center to provide point-of-call answers for all plan related question


For questions about distributions, website, passwords, contribution processing, new enrollments and employee terminations, please contact:

AGC Service Center
Northwest Plan Services, Inc.
877.690.5410 (then option 1)

For questions about investment funds, asset allocation and diversification, employee meetings, use of target date funds, and 401(k) features, please contact:

Daniel Clark
Reliant Consulting