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Looking Back, Looking Ahead

t’s that time of year again — new rules, same practices. As we begin a new year, we must also reflect back on the year behind us. In safety, we do this every January by completing our OSHA 300 logs and summary for posting in February. Here are some things you may want to know as you get to work on this log.

1. AGC of Washington has a record-keeping resources page on our website, with many handy nuggets of information to help you. Take a look!

2. Yes, record-keeping rules did change in 2017, federally. However, this does not change practices in Washington. Our rules are delayed indefinitely. Also, you may have heard that deadlines are looming to log your data online through the OSHA website. This is true for those under federal jurisdiction. In Washington, however, we are not yet required to do so. Furthermore, the website has had security issues in recent months, so we are advising people to just keep doing the paper/Excel log, and wait to input your employees’ sensitive data in a national, searchable database until we know more about the security of that database.

3. There is a difference between compensable as a claim and recordable as an injury/illness — so there may be claims that don’t go on your log and there may be recordable incidents that don’t become claims. For more information, look at our recordkeeping page or contact Randy Guzman or Mandi Kime in the Safety Services Department.

As always, we are here to help — so feel free to call or email Randy or Mandi with your record-keeping questions.

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