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Labor-Negotiation Update


AGC of Washington is currently involved in negotiating new contracts with the labor unions below. This is the latest information on each of the below craft unions’ contract status as of October 12, 2021.

Cement Masons: The contract has been posted to our Labor Relations page.

Laborers: The contract has been ratified. Wages and fringes have been posted and are effective 6/10/21. The contract will be posted shortly.
Please note that there may be some conflicting information posted.  The AGC and the Laborers have agreed to extend all the terms and conditions of the current 2018-2021 contract from the termination date of May 31, 2021 until June 15, 2021 or ratification by union members whichever comes first.  The newly negotiated wages and fringes are effective June 10, 2021. The Laborers and the AGC have posted this information on their web pages.

Carpenters:  The contract has been ratified. We will post the Master Labor Agreement once it is signed by both parties.  The wages/fringes will be posted below once finalized.
To be added to our negotiation communication list, please email Penny Schmitt.
Additional resources are available here.

Operating Engineers Local 302: The contract and wages/fringes are now posted to our Labor Relations page.

Operating Engineers Local 612: The contract and wages/fringes are now posted to our Labor Relations page.

Teamsters: The contract and wages/fringes are now posted to our Labor Relations page.. (Please note: AGC does not negotiate the Sand and Gravel agreement.)


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