How'd Your Legislator Vote?

AGC of Washington is your source for information on which legislators in Olympia support construction-friendly initiatives and regulations.

AGC compiles a voting-record “score” for each member of the Washington State legislature, showing how often a legislator agreed with AGC's position on key legislation.

A tip o' the hardhat to these outstanding representatives

Sen. Phil Fortunato

Rep. Andrew Barkis

Rep. Kyler Rude

Sen. Barbarta Bailey

Sen. Brad Hawkins

AGC thanks Representatives Andrew Barkis (R-2), Brad Klippert (R-8), Keith Goehner (R-12), Mike Steele (R-12), Kyler Rude (R-16) and Tom Dent (R-13), as well as Senators Phil Fortunato (R-31), Brad Hawkins (R-12), Jeff Holy (R-6), Mike Padden (R-4) and Barbara Bailey (R-10)  for supporting AGC with a 100% vote record in 2019.