Headway on Record-Keeping Rules

AGC of America is making headway in opposition to new OSHA record-keeping rules that imply that post-accident drug screens are discriminatory. OSHA has softened their position and AGC of America advises that if you are currently testing via a DOT, comprehensive drug-free business program or union agreement, continue as you currently are. We had Tom Pool from Drug-Free Business at our recent Safety Forum and he covered the “examples” and guidance provided from OSHA so far. Also, here are some startling statistics from the Drug-Free Business website in response to the legalization of marijuana in Washington:
•  Habitual marijuana users can still be impaired up to three weeks after cessation.
•  People who test positive for marijuana are:
     –  55% more likely to have industrial accidents
     –  85% more likely to get injured on the job
     –  75% more likely to exhibit absenteeism
•  In Colorado, vehicle crashes increased 100% in the one-year time period following legalization of marijuana.

If you need help with your drug-testing or drug-free business policy, please reach out to AGC. Our teams in Safety and Labor Relations can help!

New info from L&I on most hazardous jobsAre you familiar with the top 25 hazardous industries in Washington? Were you aware that construction activities are on the top 25 list four times? Here is a great reference guide from the Department of Labor and Industries regarding our most hazardous jobs in Washington.

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