Group Retro Program

When it comes to individual refunds back to members, AGC's Group Retro workers’-comp program is a top industry performer, year-in and year-out.

(May 2024) Congratulations, AGCW Group Retro members, on $82.5M in premium refunds for the three years in cycle — plus a bit more from a prior year! These results reflect your commitment to safety and light-duty accommodation.
While top performers will earn refunds of 50% or more, the same efforts also reduce L&I insurance costs for both employer and employee while preventing and reducing injuries

AGC Group-Retro program opportunities

AGC Group Retro is a retrospective premium-rating program. These are safety incentive-based programs, approved by the State Department of Labor and Industries (L&I), that provide employers with an opportunity to receive a substantial refund of their industrial-insurance premiums. 

With features that include hands-on claims-management assistance, an in-house vocational counselor, one-of-a-kind return-to-work services, stringent underwriting criteria requiring Safety Team® membership and more, AGC Group Retro is the state’s best-value workers-comp program, with
• average individual top-performer refunds of 51% over the last 20 years
• the lowest administrative costs among workers-comp retrospective rating programs at approximately 5% of the refund, and
• an industry-best 99% member-retention rate.

To contact AGC Group Retro, please call 360.352.1632.

Are you an AGC member and interested in the state’s best-value workers’-comp program? 
Call the AGC Group Retro office at 360.352.1632 for more information. The cost of Group Retro membership is only a one-time $2,000 refundable deposit — with no quarterly fees.

Wonder how your company would have performed as a member of AGC Group Retro? 
Then click here and complete the form to receive your confidential and free analysis. Fax it toll-free to 888.737.3876, or scan and email to Lauren Gubbe.

AGC Group Retro is governed by a committee comprised of members representing companies enrolled in the AGC Group Retro plan. Members include chief financial officers and/or principals and safety directors. 
• Van Hardy, honorary AGC member and former vice president – GLY Construction (chair)
• Valerie Whitman, EEO/HR manager – Max J. Kuney Company (Inland NW AGC chapter representative)
• Danielle Welch, controller, Merit Construction Northwest

• Dawn Stephens, 2022 AGC president and vice president of finance, Ferguson Construction
• Tracy Miller, controller, Drywall Specialties, Inc. (Inland NW AGC chapter representative)
• Michael Holmes, EHS director, KLB Construction

The committee meets quarterly and meetings are open to any AGC group retro member.

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