Grant-Funded Safety Resources

AGC of Washington has had the good fortune to work on several grant projects over the years and produce a range of tools and resources for the betterment of workplace safety. Here are all the products we have produced.

SUPPORT  Developed by the AGC of Washington, Central Washington University and Oregon State University. Funding and support for this project has been provided by the State of Washington, Department of Labor & Industries, Safety & Health Investment Projects.




1 – Pre-Task Plan/Job-Hazard Analysis
2 — Safety Inspection
3 – Fall Protection
4 — New-Employee Orientation (NEO)
5 — Public Protection
6 — Mental Health
7 — Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)
8 — Infectious Diseases


Construction Best-Practices Guide
AGC of Washington, in partnership with Central Washington University, has released the
Best-Practices Guide for Construction Safety Management. Funded by Washington State’s Department of Labor and Industries’ Safety and Health Investment Program(SHIP) grants program, this comprehensive, 300-page guide is free to all Washington employers. Click here to view/download your digital copy.
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M.O.V.E. Grant
M.O.V.E. is a multi-industry WMSD and Overexertion reduction and prevention training program created by AGC of Washington and Integrity Safety Services. This educational tool provides access to training and resources through an easy-to-access website and smartphone application. This will include awareness education and best practices for all industries along with task specific tip sheets on how to prevent and reduce specific WMSDs in high incident rate areas of work. Click here to access the full training suite.
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H.O.L.E. Grant
AGC of Washington, in partnership with Northwest Laborers Employers Training Trust and Integrity Safety Services created the HOLE project to reduce injuries, illnesses and fatalities in the tunneling/underground niche of the construction industry by creating a video-based safety-orientation training program, to promote employee awareness and provide a tool for employers to implement a safer underground worksite. Click here to access the training video and poster.