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Governor postpones dozens of WSDOT projects after passing of I-976

Although a King County Superior Court judge recently put a hold on the implementation of Initiative 976 – the “$30 car tabs” initiative that cut transportation funding for WSDOT, Sound Transit and several local governments – Governor Jay Inslee said his decision to postpone more than 90 specific WSDOT projects remains in place.

See the Governor’s statement and list of postponed projects by clicking here.

“We are taking action today in response to the court order and in consideration of the vote on the initiative,” Governor Inslee said last week.  “The state will take a fiscally prudent approach by effectively continuing to act as if the initiative is still in place from a state spending perspective.

“Accordingly, state funds from car tabs will be held separately and set aside to function as an escrow account. We will effectively go forward as if the initiative is still in place and these funds will be available for refunds as determined by any further court order. The Department of Licensing will continue to collect car tab fees unless further instructed by the court.

“In addition, today’s court injunction does not change our plans to pause a number of projects across the state as detailed by the Department of Transportation yesterday. We are doing so in order to maintain these funds to be available for further determination by the Legislature. This plan is intended to allow us to preserve essential services.

“I know that Washingtonians want funding preserved for a safe, reliable transportation system which includes provisions for people with disabilities, state troopers on the road, and bus and ferry services.

“I will work collaboratively with the Legislature on a plan to move forward during this period of uncertainty.”

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