AGC compiles a vote record “score” for each member of the Washington State legislature, showing how often a legislator agreed with AGC's position on key legislation.

Click the selected links below to find out how your legislator voted on AGC issues during the 2014 legislative session, and note the running three-year average.


2017 Scorecard for State House members  (with three-year average).

2017 Scorecard for State Senate members  (with three-year average).

AGC thanks these Rep. Jeff Holy (R-6), Rep. Norma Smith (R-10) and Rep. Luanne VanWerven (R-42) for supporting AGC most frequently in 2017.

Also, Sen. Lynda Wilson had a perfect AGC legislative score in 2017.

Finally, thanks to Sen. Guy Palumbo for sponsoring AGC’s priority legislation on career awareness (SSB 5713).


Bill descriptions  Summaries of the 2014 bills used in creating the scorecards

The 2014 score includes the percentage of times each legislator cast a floor vote in line with AGC’s position on those particular bills, but we also include “bonus points” (or deducted “negative points”) for many legislators, based on their sponsorship or co-sponsorship of key bills that did not make it to the floor for a final vote.