Nov 8, 2018 09:00 AM


Contracting with the City of Seattle

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A Washington PTAC seminar to help you get prepared for government business.


To attend this event, please register through PTAC’s website HERE.


Whether you're new to City of Seattle contracting or trying to revamp your outreach efforts, this training will help you to


·  see if they buy your type of product/service

·  learn about City bid processes

·  find a blanket contract for those items and when it may be re-bid

·  learn how to correctly get on the Consultant Roster program

·  find out ways to market to City departments

·  hear about the City’s WMBE resources

·  learn how to access online plans & specifications for public-works projects

·  learn about the City of Seattle’s Public Works contracting procedures

·  learn about subcontracting opportunities through the city’s Job Order Contracting

·  visit with a city of Seattle CPCS employee


This is a great opportunity of businesses to get ready for the growing Seattle government procurement market!




Questions? Call PTAC Specialist Kylene Peters at 206.684.8594.


AGC Building, 2nd Floor Conference Center, Seattle, 98109

AGC of Washington Event Cancellation Policy

All transfers or cancellations must be received 3 business days prior to the event start date to avoid forfeiting 100% of the event fee. To clarify, if the event is on Tuesday, you must cancel the Wednesday of the preceding week by 5pm.