AGC’s BUILD PAC is pleased to support these candidates in the upcoming 2024 elections.

Click on the linked names below to visit the candidate’s website and learn more or to offer additional assistance to them. Check back regularly, as new names will be added throughout the election season.

AGC’s BUILD PAC candidate/issue endorsements as of July 16, 2024.


Dave Reichert (R)
Mark Mullet (D)

Commissioner of Public Lands
Jaimie Herrera Beutler (R)

Secretary of State
Steve Hobbs (D) 


District 1 Senate: Derek Stanford (D)  

District 2 House Pos. 1: Andrew Barkis (R)
District 2 House Pos. 2: John Snaza (R) 

District 4 House Pos. 1: Suzanne Schmidt (R)

District 5: House Pos. 1: Jason Ritchie (D) 

District 6 House Pos. 1: Mike Volz (R)
District 6 House Pos. 2: Jenny Graham (R)

District 8 House Pos. 1: Stephanie Barnard (R)
District 8 House Pos. 2: April Connors (R)

District 9 Senate: Mark Schoesler (R)
District 9 House Pos. 1: Mary Dye (R)
District 9 House Pos. 2: Joe Schmick (R)

District 10 Senate: Ron Muzzall (R)
District 10 House Pos 1: Yvonne Gallardo (R) 

District 11 House Pos. 2: Steve Bergquist (D)

District 12 Senate: Keith Goehner (R)
District 12 House Pos. 2: Mike Steele (R)

District 13 House Pos. 1: Tom Dent (R)
District 13 House Pos. 2: Alex Ybarra (R)

District 14 Senate: Curtis King (R)
District 14 House Pos. 1: Gloria Mendoza (R)
District 14 House Pos. 2: Deb Manjarrez (R)

District 15 House Pos. 1: Chris Corry (R)
District 15 House Pos. 2: Jeremie Dufault (R)

District 16 Senate: Perry Dozier (R)
District 16 House Pos. 1: Mark Klicker (R)
District 16 House Pos. 2: Skyler Rude (R)

District 17 Senate: Paul Harris (R)
District 17 House Pos. 1: Kevin Waters (R)
District 17 House Pos. 2: David Stuebe (R) 

District 18 Senate: Greg Cheney (R)
District 18 House Pos. 1: Stephanie McClintock (R)
District 18 House Pos. 2: Philip Johnson (R)

District 19 Senate: Jeff Wilson (R)
District 19 House Pos. 1: Jim Walsh (R)
District 19 House Pos. 2: Joel McEntire (R)

District 20 Senate: John Braun (R)
District 20 House Pos. 1: Peter Abbarno (R)
District 20 House Pos. 2: Ed Orcutt (R)

District 23 House Pos. 1: John Gibbons (D) 

District 24 Senate: Mike Chapman (D)
District 24 House Pos. 2: Steve Tharinger (D)

District 25 Senate: Chris Gildon (R)
District 25 House Pos. 1: Michael Keaton (R) 
District 25 House Pos. 2: Cyndy Jacobsen (R)

District 26 House Pos. 2 Michelle Caldier (R)

District 27 House Pos. 2: Jake Fey (D)

District 28 Senate: Maia Espinoza (R)

District 30 House Pos. 2: Kristine Reeves (D)

District 31 House Pos. 1: Drew Stokesbary (R)

District 34 House Pos. 2: Joe Fitzgibbon (D)

District 35 House Pos. 1: Dan Griffey (R)
District 35 House Pos. 2: Travis Couture (R)

District 39 Senate: Keith Wagoner (R)
District 39 House Pos. 1: Sam Low (R)
District 39 House Pos. 2: Carolyn Eslick (R)

District 41 Senate: Lisa Wellman (D)

District 42 House Pos. 1: Alicia Rule (D)

District 44 House Pos. 2: April Berg (D)

District 45 House Pos. 2: Larry Springer (D)

District 48 House Pos. 2: Amy Walen (D)

District 49 Senate: Annette Cleveland (D)


Southern District Pierce County Executive: Kelly Chambers

Washington State Congressional candidates
financially supported by AGC of America PAC

District 2: Rick Larsen (D)
District 9: Adam Smith (D)
District 10: Marilyn Strickland (D)


I-2109: Repeal Capital-Gains Tax
I-2117: Repeal Climate Commitment Act (CCA)/Cap and Trade
I-2124: Allows Opting-Out of the Long-term Care Act

I-2066: Stop the Ban on Natural Gas


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