AGC’s BUILD PAC is pleased to support these candidates in the upcoming 2020 elections.

Click on the linked names below to visit the candidate’s website and learn more or to offer additional assistance to them. Check back regularly, as new names will be added throughout the election season.


District 2

House Pos. 1: Andrew Barkis (R)
House Pos. 2: J.T. Wilcox (R)

District 3

Senate: Andy Billig (D)

District 5

Senate: Mark Mullet (D)

District 6

House Pos. 1: Mike Volz (R)

District 7

House Pos. 1: Jacquelin Maycumber (R)

District 9

Senate: Mark Schoesler (R)

District 10

Senate: Ron Muzzall (R)

House Pos. 1: Greg Gilday (R)

House Pos. 2: Bill Bruch (R)

District 12

House Pos. 1: Keith Goehner (R)

House Pos. 2: Mike Steele (R)

District 13

House Pos.1: Tom Dent (R)

House Pos. 2: Alex Ybarra (R)

District 14

Senate: Curtis King (R)

House Pos. 1: Chris Corry (R)

House Pos. 2: Gina Mosbrucker (R)

District 15

House Pos. 1: Bruce Chandler (R)

House Pos. 2: Jeremie Dufault (R)

District 17

Senate: Lynda Wilson (R)

House Pos. 1: Vicki Kraft (R)

House Pos. 2: Paul Harris (R)

District 18

Senate: Ann Rivers (R)

House Pos. 1: Brandon Vick (R)

House Pos. 2: Larry Hoff (R)

District 19

Senate: Dean Takko (D)

House Pos. 1: Jim Walsh (R)

House Pos. 2: Joel McEntire (R)

District 20

Senate: John Braun (R)

House Pos. 1: Peter Abbarno (R)

House Pos. 2: Ed Orcutt (R)

District 24

House Pos. 1: Mike Chapman (D)

House Pos. 2: Steve Tharinger (D)

District 25

Senate: Chris Gildon (R)

House Pos. 1: Kelly Chambers (R)

House Pos. 2: Cyndy Jacobsen (R)

District 26

House Pos. 1: Jesse Young (R)

House Pos. 2: Michelle Caldier (R)

District 27

House Pos. 1: Laurie Jinkins (D)

House Pos. 2: Jake Fey (D)

District 28

Senate: Steve O’Ban (R)

District 31

House Pos. 1: Drew Stokesbary (R)

District 35

House Pos. 1: Dan Griffey (R)

House Pos. 2: Drew MacEwen (R)

District 38

House Pos. 2: Mike Sells (D)

District 39

Senate: Keith Wagoner (R)

House Pos. 1: Robert Sutherland (R)

House Pos. 2: Carolyn Eslick (R)

District 42

House Pos. 1: Luanne Van Werven (R)

House Pos. 2: Sharon Shewmake (D)

District 45

House Pos. 2: Larry Springer (D)

District 48

House Pos. 2: Amy Walen (D)

Statewide Races

Secretary of State: Kim Wyman (R)

State Treasurer: Duane Davidson (R)

Spokane County

Commissioner Pos. 2: Mary Kuney (R)

Congressional Races

(These are candidates that have been supported by the AGC of America PAC)

District 2: Rick Larsen (D)

District 3: Jaime Hererra-Beutler (R)

District 5: Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R)