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We’ve attracted a diverse workforce, but how do we make sure that job turns into a career for our new employee? Making sure our we have space in our company culture for traditionally underserved workers like women and people of color is of utmost importance to the job satisfaction of all of our workers. Leading by example, training our supervisors and engaging our skilled tradespeople in Culture of CARE are all positive steps toward worker retention.

CARE Leadership & Culture Training
Sept. 13, 9:00 a.m., AGC Seattle Conference Center

Our industry has a strong tradition of promoting from within, and this serves us well for many reasons, but one area we struggle with is equipping our people with the right leadership tools as we promote them. This two-hour session focuses on each individual’s attitude, communication styles and leadership skills, and how they make an impact on the culture of your organization. The target audience is anyone in a leadership capacity, from field leaders to upper management. We will arm attendees with tools to help them be successful in creating and maintaining a Culture of CARE. Register here.

Toolbox Talks
Regard, Respect, Resolve -- Lay a Solid Foundation
for a Culture of CARE
Regard, Respect & Resolve are the prime elements of a Culture of CARE. A Culture of CARE will have far-reaching impacts for you and your organization including diversity, inclusion, safety, productivity, quality, morale and community stewardship…
Respect, Inclusion & Diversity: It Belongs in the Workplace  Why should we be talking about respect, diversity and inclusion in the workplace? It’s simple: it’s necessary. it's important for the livelihood and success of the project, and of every individual, that we create a culture of care within our community on the jobsite...

Fostering a Culture of CARE We spend plenty of time talking about what not to do in relation to diversity and inclusion in the workplace, but here are some things you can do now to start fostering a more inclusive workplace...


Advertise your commitment   We've created posters, hardhat stickers and logos to help you celebrate Culture of CARE in the office and on the jobsite. Use these along with your own messages to enforce your company’s commitment to Culture of CARE! 

 Regard-Respect-Resolve 11x17 poster

Regard-Respect-Resolve 18x24 poster

Culture of CARE logo
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Sept 13 - CARE Leadership & Culture Training - Seattle



AGC of Washington created the Culture of CARE Diversity & Inclusion Initiative to elevate awareness of critical workplace issues within our industry. The Culture of CARE initiative responds to current workforce needs, and the need to bring opportunities in construction to traditionally underrepresented groups, such as people of color and women. We hereby ask our member companies to join us in boldly committing to a Culture of CARE to foster greater diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


















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