Empower your employees and

company to promote diversity

and inclusion

We know what to do, but how do we use accountability and engagement to keep Culture of Care alive in the workplace? How do we most successfully work with our community partners on diversity and inclusion?


CARE Leadership and Culture Training

Our industry has a strong tradition of promoting from within, and this serves us well for many reasons -- but one area we struggle with is equipping our people with the right leadership tools as we promote them.

CARE Leadership and Culture Training focuses on each individual’s attitude, communication styles and leadership skills, and how they make an impact on the culture of your organization. This insightful session is for anyone in a leadership capacity, from field leaders to upper management. We will arm attendees with tools to help them be successful in creating and maintaining a Culture of CARE.

Sessions will be offered twice each year and will be publicized here, so please check back soon or check the AGCW Events page here. (This training is free to AGC members, and advance registration is required.)

Connect with our agency partners

Empower your company to also take the lead with our agency partners to positively engage them in your Culture of CARE. Your expertise in diversity & inclusion is highly valued as you work with public agencies, and they are here to help you succeed. Check back to this section frequently as our agency partners build resources for you!

• City of Seattle
    - Acceptable-Worksites poster

• Sound Transit
    - New RISE Program
    - Check back soon for more resources, coming soon

• Washington State Department of Transportation

    - Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO): List of programs under OEO

    - WSDOT Mentor-Protégé Program: Enhancing the capability of small and disadvantaged business owners to compete for public dollars by establishing long-term business interactions between small businesses and prime contractors.

    - Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE): Supporting socially and economically disadvantaged firms and individuals

    - Equal Employment Opportunity Contract Compliance (EEO): Policy promoting diversity, inclusive of minorities and females.

    - Federal Small Business Enterprise (SBE): Policy to improve voluntary DBE participation and small-business utilization.

    - Minority, Small, Veteran and Women’s Business Enterprises (M/S/V/WBE): Works to increase M/S/V/WBE participation on WSDOT's contracts and procurement activities.

    - On The Job Training (OJT): Resources for organizations or individuals looking for help funding training and support-services programs.

    - Pre-Apprenticeship Support Services (PASS): Provides funding for support services and pre-apprenticeship training for females, minorities and socially & economically disadvantaged individuals.

    - Title VI: Nondiscrimination in Federally Assisted Programs (Title VI): Monitors activities to verify compliance with Title VI, prohibiting discrimination based on race, color and national origin on WSDOT projects.

    - Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance (TERO): Assists employers operating near or on reservations in complying with requirements to preference-qualified Native American work, contracting or other business.

    - FHWAs Civil Rights Program Requirements: Federal videos designed to assist WSDOT staff comply with civil-rights requirements.

Are you an agency partner with requirements or resources for building a Culture of CARE?
We'd love to feature links to your resources. Let us know!


AGC of Washington created the Culture of CARE Diversity & Inclusion Initiative to elevate awareness of critical workplace issues within our industry. The Culture of CARE initiative responds to current workforce needs, and the need to bring opportunities in construction to traditionally underrepresented groups, such as people of color and women. We hereby ask our member companies to join us in boldly committing to a Culture of CARE to foster greater diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


















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