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Anti-Harassment & Discrimination Videos
Traditional Anti-Harassment & Discrimination Training is an important and necessary tool to set expectations in the workplace. For next level training to enhance your diversity & inclusion efforts, see  Culture of CARE Training Resources.

  • Supervisor Anti-Harassment & Discrimination Training - order here.
  • Worker Anti-Harassment & Discrimination Training - order here.


Top 20 Best HR Practices for Diversity
AGC of Washington contractors came together in collaboration with HR and equity expert Keonna Jackson to give you a road map of where to start implementing HR policies that will advance your diversity and equity goals.


Sample Diversity & Inclusion Policy 
Along with your anti-harassment and discrimination policy, a diversity & inclusion policy can be a useful tool reinforcing to reinforce the cultural goals of your organization. Use the sample, or edit so it fits with the uniqueness of your company.


Toolbox Talks
Regard, Respect, Resolve -- Lay a Solid Foundation
for a Culture of CARE
Regard, Respect & Resolve are the prime elements of a Culture of CARE. A Culture of CARE will have far-reaching impacts for you and your organization including diversity, inclusion, safety, productivity, quality, morale and community stewardship…
Respect, Inclusion & Diversity: It Belongs in the Workplace Why should we be talking about respect, diversity and inclusion in the workplace? It’s simple: it’s necessary. it's important for the livelihood and success of the project, and of every individual, that we create a culture of care within our community on the jobsite...

Fostering a Culture of CARE We spend plenty of time talking about what not to do in relation to diversity and inclusion in the workplace, but here are some things you can do now to start fostering a more inclusive workplace...


Advertise your commitment  
We've created posters, hardhat stickers and logos to help you celebrate Culture of CARE in the office and on the jobsite. Use these along with your own messages to enforce your company’s commitment to a Culture of CARE.

Regard-Respect-Resolve 11x17 poster

Regard-Respect-Resolve 18x24 poster

11x17 poster

18x24 poster

Culture of CARE logo
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