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Contractors Bob Adams, Greg Waugh honored by AGC, WSDOT

Contractors Bob Adams, Greg Waugh honored by AGC, WSDOT – At the Jan. 4 AGC-WSDOT Annual Meeting, Bob Adams (Guy F. Atkinson Construction), Greg Waugh (Max J. Kuney Company, retired), Kevin Dayton (WSDOT, retired) and Marco Foster (WSDOT, retired) were each presented with the first-ever AGC-WSDOT Distinguished Service award.

(Photo, L-R: Phil Wallace, Greg Waugh, Marco Foster, Bob Adams, Kevin Dayton, Chris Christopher.)

This award was established to recognize individuals who have demonstrated a dedication to service to the construction industry throughout their career and who exemplify the following traits:
Longevity and Commitment The recipient demonstrates exceptional commitment to the construction industry through many years of dedicated service, showcasing a long-lasting and unwavering dedication. Consistently helping to advance committee initiatives through service to WSDOT/AGC Teams or other industry groups.
Leadership The recipient displays outstanding leadership qualities which inspires others to achieve their best potential within the construction industry. This includes acting as a champion for partnering efforts and working cooperatively for the best results.
Mentorship and Education The recipient actively participates in mentoring and educating the next generation of construction professionals, sharing their knowledge and experience to inspire and guide others.

Congratulations to Bob, Greg, Kevin, and Marco for all you have done for the industry.

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