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Congratulations to the 2020 Excellence in Contract Administration award winners

The winners of the annual Partnership for Excellence in Contract Administration awards, co-sponsored by AGC of Washington and WSDOT, were announced at the AGC-WSDOT Annual Meeting on Jan. 9.

These awards recognize and encourage extraordinary achievements by the Contractor/WSDOT partnership responsible for delivering transportation projects in a timely, professional and responsive manner while also considering the needs of others who are affected by the project. The winners were announced by AGC of Washington past president Tom Balbo, who also served as judge.

Company and WSDOT representatives identified below were on-hand to receive their awards (photos from top left):

1. Design-Build $30,000 or More
SR99 Demolition Decommissioning and Surface Street
Paul Mayo (AGC of Washington), Patrick Fulller (WSDOT), Phil Wallace (Kiewit) and Chris Christopher (WSDOT)

2. Design-Build Less than $30,000,000
I-5 Chambers Way Bridge – Emergency Repair and Replacement
Paul Mayo (AGC of Washington), Charlie Quigg & Kevin Cucchiara (Quigg Bros.), John Larson (Quigg Bros.), Susan Fell (WSDOT) and Chris Christopher (WSDOT)

3. Western-Washington Projects Greater Than $10M
SR99 George Washington Bridge painting State 2 & Paving
Paul Mayo (AGC of Washington), Shawn Wendt & Ed Kane (WSDOT), Emanouel Frangos and Nikoloas Frangos (Liberty Maintenance) and Chris Christopher (WSDOT)

4. Western-Washington Projects $3M-$10M
SR20 Sharpes Corner Vicinity Improvements
Paul Mayo (AGC of Washington), Gabe Ng (WSDOT), Aaron Halling (Tapani Underground), Melissa Ambler (WSDOT) and Chris Christopher (WSDOT)

5. Western-Washington Project Less Than $3M
SR500/42nd and 54th Intersection — Safety Improvements
Paul Mayo (AGC of Washington), Susan Fall (WSDOT), Dave Mingo (Cascade Bridge) and Chris Christopher (WSDOT).

6. Eastern-Washington Projects $3M-$10M
US12 Naches River Bridge Painting
Paul Mayo (AGC of Washington), Jerry Wood (WSDOT), Emanouel Frangos and Nikoloas Frangos (Liberty Maintenance) and Chris Christopher (WSDOT)

7. Eastern Washington Projects Less Than $3M
Methow River Bridges Structure Rehabilitation Phase 3
Paul Mayo (AGC of Washington), Craig Almont (Hamilton Construction), Brian Pearson (WSDOT) and Chris Christopher (WSDOT)

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