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Comments sought for wage-posting policy draft

Comments sought for wage-posting policy draft – L&I is accepting comments on its draft administrative policy for the Equal Pay and Opportunities Act. This Act includes the requirement to provide salary and benefits information in job-opening postings.

The draft policy includes new details about how the new “wage-posting” law is intended to work. For example, with regard to questions about an out-of-state employer hiring for a position in-state, or on out-of-state position being hired by an in-state employer, the draft policy says all are covered by the law.  An out-of-state employer would have to provide salary and benefit information for positions in Washington, and Washington employers would have to provide the information for any out-of-state position. 

These and other details can be found, and comments submitted, here. The comment period is open until Aug. 12.

The draft policy covers other elements of the Equal Pay and Opportunities Act. For example, employers must provide equal compensation and career-advancement opportunities to “similarly employed” workers.

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