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Building Code Council considers natural-gas restrictions

Building Code Council considers natural-gas restrictions

The Washington State Building Code Council is considering changes to the state’s commercial energy code that many fear will severely restrict energy choice, increase building and energy costs, and force a reliance solely on electricity for the state’s energy needs. The proposals are considered a precursor to banning natural gas in both residential and commercial construction.

The natural-gas restriction proposals will be considered during the Councils’ Sept. 30 meeting. The meeting will be virtual; see Zoom information here. The measure had been scheduled to be voted on by the Council during its Sept. 17 meeting, but there were so many people signed-up to testify that it was moved to Sept. 30. Those who are interested can testify at the Sept. 30 meeting, or can submit written comments here.

The Washington Policy Center has written an article expressing concerns about the proposals (see it here) and, in it, they note, “With the state’s new emissions cap, the ban adds nothing to state CO2-emissions reductions. Washington’s new cap-and-trade system requires that CO2 reductions meet an aggressive timeline. The purpose of cap-and-trade is to allow individuals and businesses to find the most effective ways to reduce CO2 emissions. Thus, adding regulations that micromanage how those goals are met is counterproductive — essentially overriding the state’s new law.”

See info on the proposals here.

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