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Are you one of the 6,000? Enforcement in the works for certified-payroll compliance

Are you one of the 6,000? Enforcement is in the works for certified-payroll compliance. A couple of years ago, the Legislature passed legislation that required certified payrolls to be filed online with L&I at least once a month for work performed on all public-works projects.

Recently, L&I shared with AGC a list of more than 6000 general and specialty contractors who have not complied with the law since its enactment.  L&I has not enforced the requirement, understanding that it would take a period of time for the industry to adjust. However, L&I is now looking into enforcement mechanisms. AGC is working with L&I to ensure that any enforcement doesn’t create a burden for compliers, but no decision has been made nor seems imminent.

If this is a “news to me” scenario, you may want to get compliant and take advantage of training videos that L&I has created for firms to learn how to file certified payroll online.  View Certified-Payroll Training Videos

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